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3 Things That Slow Down Solder and Flux Recommendations

We try to make the recommendation process as easy as possible when you call or e-mail us with an idea.  Here is a list of three common mistakes that you can easily avoid:






1) Know what you can say. 



Honestly, we ask a lot of questions.  Not because we want to learn the secrets of your new project – because we care about making sure you get the perfect material for you project.  We understand that there can be many confidential technical points, but we will at least need to know things like surface metallization, max reflow temperature, operational temperature, and application method.  If you feel uncomfortable, mutual non-disclosure agreements are available to give you piece-of-mind.






2) Know your application.



You’d be surprised how many people don’t know how thick the Au on their ENIG pad is.  That’s going to be a major factor in what alloy we suggest.  Also, the operational temperature that your component or chip will be exposed to is crucial for us to provide you with a reliable alloy choice.






3) A picture is worth a thousand emails.



Believe me, verbally describing a defect is NEVER as good as sending a picture.  Even a sketch on loose-leaf paper or a napkin will probably save time over trying to describe what is going on most of the time.




Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert