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3rd Renewable Energy Expo 2009 in New Delhi, India

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    Technical Courses

    Technical Courses

    A Busy Show

    A Busy Show

    Indium's Liyakathali Koorithodi (Liya) and P. Kannan (a prominent Indium Representative in India) attended the 3rd Renewable Energy Expo in New Delhi, India last week.  As an update for those of us wondering how the solar industry is doing in India; they mentioned the following:


    * The India solar exhibition was a good exhibit, and it was well attended.

    * Global solar giants participated.  A few major names to mention were Q cells, Spire, Centrotherm, Roth & Rau, Schmidt, Schott Solar etc.- all German.

    * There was a Government of Germany pavilion, promoting the technology.


    * Spanish companies, Swiss 3S Solar and other European companies exhibited.


    * There was a US Pavilion, and also Japanese participation.


    * Another major participating country was China.  They noted that Suntech (China) is producing 1 GW power. The company had its entire manufacturing facility covered with solar panels. [1 GW power is more than the capacity of all the India plants put together.]


    * Photon Magazine Germany distributed free copy of the July issue to all visitors.


    * This exhibition was promoted by the Government of India and Solar Energy Society of India, among others. There was a conference and technical lectures on various technologies by noted global speakers, followed by industry visits.


    Thanks go out to our team in India for sharing their experience at this exciting event.