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4Ps of Blogging (A Birth Announcement)

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  • Dr. Ron Lasky and I presented at the American Marketing Association's blogging seminar in Boston, MA today (image is of Dana VanDen Heuvel, myself, Toby Bloomberg, and Dr. Lasky). While there I spoke with IBM's Sher Taton (corporate HQ, Armonk, NY). She shared that she had been mentally developing "the 4Ps of Blogging" (four Ps, four P's, 4 P's), but that she was stuck. We discussed our views on exactly what was important and I was able to add the elusive 4th "P". We agreed that the collaboration was one of many great things to arise from this great seminar.

    So, what are the 4 Ps of blogging?:

    *point: if your blog doesn't have a specific point (purpose), then don't even start

    *passion: if you don't have a burning passion about the topic, then don't bother

    *personality: if you don't have the personality for blogging, then find something else to do with your time

    *perseverance: if you won't be able to stick with it once the blogging becomes routine, after you've battled with writer's block, after numerous distractions beckon, then find a new hobby

    There will be much more on this later, but I wanted to capture this awesome development on the very same day that it occurred. Yes! I have the passion.

    Thanks Sher - what a great concept.