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85% Say It's Important ... 64% Do NOT Do It!

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  • What are we talking about here?


    According to a very interesting article in Bulldog Reporter's Daily Dog, in a:

    *"first-of-its-kind survey comparing U.S. and U.K. communications professionals' views on blogs, podcasts and social networking sites"

    *"of more than 1,100 public relations executives"

    "... 85 percent of executives from both countries believe blogs are an important communication tool. Yet, sadly, most respondents admit they (or their clients) do not have an official company blogging policy (U.S.: 87 percent, U.K.: 82 percent). Moreover, only 37 percent in the U.S. and 36 percent in the U.K. are actually blogging on behalf of their companies or clients."

    Article author Steve Cody (more here) summarized his conclusion quite nicely when he said, "Now it's time to swallow our fear and take ownership by walking the walk and incorporating digital communications into our thinking, strategies and tactics."

    I recommend this brief, recommendation-filled Op-ed.