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A B2B Marcom Video Tip: Record A Rehearsal

  • B2B Marcom

  • Sometimes our B2B Marcom videos depict concepts, other times processes or materials performance. In most cases we include an expert introducing and describing the information - or performing an interview.

    Once people become involved, we have to deal with egos, expectations, and performance. Everyone wants to do a great job - and to look good in the video. We've got tons of movie stars to compare ourselves to, so we frequently disappoint ourselves. 

    I am surprised at how few people have actually seen themselves on a formal video - so expectations are rarely based on actual experience. To address this issue, I suggest that we all give our team mates as much video time as they need to get themselves comfortable with what they look like - and how they come off - on video. This is critical now that video is becoming a normal way to depict information.

    With the low cost of basic equipment it is practicaly free to record hours of practice video. At a minimum, this will give your team a realistic sense of what they look and sound like - and help them reconcile their ideas of what they THINK they are doing with what is actually happening. So many times I've heard people say (after seeing themselves on video for the first time), "I had no idea ...".  People have no idea that they say certain words so frequently, or that they move in a peculiar fashion, or that they stare at the camera, ignoring the other person on screen.  Once they see/hear themselves in action, they have a chance to correct things.

    You would correctly say that this is really important for your top executives. But it is true for everyone. So, help yourself, help your company, and help your target audience, by creating loads of practice/feedback opportunities. This will not only address performance but will make your real video projects move faster.