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A Day in the Life of a Tech Guy


Just got in, fired up the laptop, and made some hot chocolate. This is the best time to get a jump on the day. I clear out my spam that rolled in overnight and prioritize the emails in my inbox. The first tasks that I cleared were:

-         Connected a new potential solar materials rep with the right people at Indium Corporation

-         Recommended the optimal reflow profile for Indium9.88HF PoP solder paste

-         Activated an online Vapor Deposition course

-         Helped specify tabbing ribbon and solder wire for a college student working on a lunar rover project

-         Planned underfill testing for today.



After rounding up materials, components, and equipment, Brandon Judd and I assembled some BGAs on a customer's test board. Later today we’ll underfill, and rework some of the components to demonstrate the yield of a reworkable underfill. Each board had 18 components of 2 types. One of them is a very large, coarse pitch BGA. The other one (you guessed it) is exactly the opposite, a small, fine pitch BGA.



Took a drive and ate lunch.



When I returned to my desk, I noticed a few emails that needed attention. One was regarding the PoP solder paste reflow profile I mentioned earlier. It looks like that will work for the particular application. Another email regarded a barcode design that I am working on for a customer.



Took a call regarding solder sphere attachment. WS3622 was recommended to ease flux cleaning in place of an older tacky flux.



Answered an interesting call regarding thermal management for a cavity CPV assembly. The coolest part – he found my contact information on this blog.   



Worked on editing an interview for Global Solar Technology magazine. I had a chance to discuss many of our solar products in detail, while explaining the advantages of each.



The schedule for the day shifted, so we will reconvene the underfill testing early next week.  This gives me some time to begin the Interfacial Engineering course mentioned earlier. Looks pretty interesting so far.  Spent some time going through the course material and learning some new things.



Posted this blog entry. After looking at the things I’ve mentioned here, I noticed I could tweet all the little parts of my day. If you’re interested, check:

Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert