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    Amish and Kathy were kind enough to share this perspective on working with "Ole Dr. Ron."

    Many companies must draw upon the expertise of a range of individuals to ensure that they get the crucial guidance that they need when starting up. However, it is rare to encounter a gifted professor, dedicated mentor, industry recognized expert, experienced consultant and compassionate friend in any one individual. Dr. Ron's work, his advice, and his counsel have helped to shape our company and impacted our growth. The acumen and aptitude which Dr. Ron expresses in his daily work consistently impresses us. He has exhibited, on innumerable occasions, the ability to not only understand the technical issues of a problem but also the broader context in which these occur.

    Our relationship began when Dr. Ron taught us not only the theoretical basis for statistics, but also the practical applications for statistical thinking in real life and particularly engineering. We use our acquired technical estimating skills and statistical reasoning prowess in every day tasks, ranging from reading the daily news to designing and analyzing experiments for our newest set of prototypes.

    If history is an indication, Dr. Ron's abilities as a professor, a scientist, an engineer, and as a consultant will aid many companies and students in achieving and exceeding their goals. Both Kathy and I look forward to a long-standing, productive relationship and friendship with a truly exceptional individual.

    Amish Parashar, MSc
    Katherine Hickey, MEM
    Founders and Principals
    NeoVention, LLC

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