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A Liquid Metals Handling Update

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  • Have you seen the statement on Indium's product data sheet for liquid metals that says:

    "Care should be taken in reheating the alloy in the original packaging provided. Temperatures should not exceed 65.6ºC"?

    Recently there has been some confusion regarding this statement, so I'd like to make a clarification the current and potential liquid metal users out there. This statement does not mean that these alloys cannot be used above 65C. The reason for the statement is to address the fact that the gallium alloys increase in corrosiveness above this temperature and the bottles that the alloys are supplied in are not rated to withstand that corrosiveness.

    It is suggested that you avoid heating the gallium alloys above 65.6 ºC while they are in their original packaging, but once they are dispensed on your corrosion-resistant substrate, they should not cause an issue.