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An Interview with Lindsay Cannistra: Two Different College Internship Experiences, With A Common Focus On Chemistry

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  • Recently, I had the opportunity to interview a returning college intern, Lindsay Cannistra. Lindsay has utilized her knowledge of chemistry to explore two very different roles as a scientist: product development and application research. Let’s find out more about what she has been working on, and where she pictures all of this is building toward.

    Jim: You’ve told me you love chemistry. Where have you been able to apply it at Indium Corporation so far?

    Lindsay: I have been able to apply chemistry last summer and this summer at Indium Corporation. This summer one of my projects is to analyze the diffusion between indium and a specific metallization. I had to do my research for this project - as well about these two elements individually and how they react together. There is not a lot of data about how these two elements react with one another so my job is to test their rate of diffusion into one another at different temperatures and times to get accurate data. I am also testing indium alloys to see if there is an advantage between using pure or alloyed indium with this particular surface finish.

    Jim: Could you tell us a little about what you were working on last year?

    Lindsay: Last summer my project was to develop a process to reclaim the indium from an indium compound. In order to do this successfully I had to do a lot of research on this compound. I needed to know as much as I could about the chemical properties of indium and the other elements individually, as well as when they are bonded. Because I had to develop my own lab process, I had to make sure the chemicals I was using during my experiments would not react in a dangerous way. Almost every day I was studying the way the compound would react with other chemicals until I finally found a way to reclaim the indium successfully.

    Jim: What are you looking for in a job after you finish your schooling? As a Chemical Technician you’ve had hands-on chemistry experience. In the future, would you still be interested in a career where you dealt with chemistry from more of a product management position?

    Lindsay: I would definitely be interested in a career that dealt with chemistry, but from more of a product management position. I have always wanted to work my way up to become a manager so that I am able to be a role model to others that I work with, or for others that work for me. I would want to teach them all I know about chemistry and how they, too, could get into a management position. I would love to be able to educate others about some of the products I would be promoting, especially when it comes to chemistry.

    Jim: Thank you Lindsay. Is there anything you’d like to say to chemistry students about the real-world working environment?

    Lindsay: I want to tell chemistry students that there are endless opportunities in the working environment for them. They are able to work with really anything because chemistry is happening all around us. I would want them to experience as much as they can in this field until they find something they absolutely love doing.

    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert