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An Interview with Michael Qiu 采访邱学丞

Michael Qiu supports Indium Corporation in Eastern China.  I thought an interview with him would be a good chance to see the semiconductor industry from a different perspective.









Jim: How long have you been involved in the semiconductor industry in China?







Michael: I have been in the semiconductor industry in China more than three years. Before that, I spent four years learning IC design, IC manufacture and Package in a University in Shanghai.



邱学丞:有三年多了。在这之前我花了四年时间在上海某大学学习IC设计、制造 (Fab)和封装。






Jim: What semiconductor materials are most popular for your customers?







Michael: For some semiconductor package customer, silver epoxy is very popular applied to do die attach. As for high power device, paste/SSDA is used popular for die attach. But for some advanced customers who do BGA, FC and WLCSP business, flux or fine power paste is required.



邱学丞:在一些封装厂里,银浆被大量地用来贴芯片于框架上。对那些做大功率器件的客户来说,锡膏或者焊线用来贴芯片比较普遍。而那些做BGA, FCWLCSP的客户,他们需要的则是助焊剂或者精细颗粒锡膏。






Jim: What trends do you see in semiconductor package manufacturing in China?







Michael: For [cost sensitive] customers who do Diodes/Transistor package, the manufacture cost will be more and more important.



BGA/FC/CSP package share will increase soon in the near future and more factories will be able to do those packages.



More advanced package like SIP (system in a package) and MCM (multi-chip module) will [become] popular, but this may take several years.



邱学丞:对那些制造二极管或三极管的客户来说,成本对竞争力非常重要。他们对材料的成本以后会愈加敏感。在封装市场中,BGA/FC/CSP市场份额会有迅速的增长,而且会有更多的厂家能做这些封装。还有一些更高端的封装技术,比如SIP (system in a package) MCM (multi-chip module) 会开始流行,当然这得花个好几年时间。






Jim: What topics would our customers in China like to see in the Semiconductor Packaging Blog?







Michael: Our customers always hope to get our professional technical support. They prefer the blog on a particular application or issue. For example, comparison between In and AuSn in LD die attach and use dilute hydrochloric acid to remove oxidation layer on In preforms.









Jim: What is the most exciting thing about the semiconductor industry to you?







Michael: A chip which is smaller than your nail has so many functions.





Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert