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Another B2B Online Video Ad Released

  • Indium Corporation
  • Voiding

  • We have just released the third in a series of online video ads aimed at our B2B electronics assembly audience.

    The series is titled: INDIUM CORPORATION: We Know SMT Inside & Out. This ad is sub-titled: X-Ray Voiding Analysis.

    As discussed in two previous postings (one, two) these ads are intended to keep our name in people's minds via connecting our expertise with humor. It's an age-old technique, but it is little-used in our B2B Marcom environment. And, online video ads didn't exist in our space until we created the first entrant. Our hope is that these ads are unique and compelling enough that they strike a chord in our customers' minds (making us a bit sticky) and, ideally, that our customers want to share the ads with colleagues (viral).

    Any comments?