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Answer to SMTA Certification Reflow Question

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    A while ago I posed the following as a typical type of question an SMTA Certified Process Engineer should be able to answer:

    A 7 zone oven has a heated tunnel length (TL) of 250 cm.  A 20 cm PCB (PCB Length =PL) needs to be in the heated part of the oven for 4 minutes.  What is the maximum throughput (TP) in PCBs per minute that this oven can support?

    The answer: 

    First we need to establish the belt speed, if the PCB needs to be in the 250 cm heated part of the oven for 4 minutes (t), the the belt speed BS = TL/t   or 250 cm/4 minutes or 62.5 cm/min.   So every minute the belt presents 62.5 cm new space for PCBs.  So  

    TP = BS/PL = (62.5cm/min)/(20 cm/PCB) = 3.125 PCBs/ min,  since a little spacing would be desired between PCBs, about 3 per minute is  a practical maximum.

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    Dr. Ron