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Anxiously Awaiting TMV™ (Through Mold Via) PoP Dummy Components

The new TVM™ PoP components have gotten a lot of press, and soon we should be able to get our hands on TMV PoP daisy chain parts for material testing.  I would love to evaluate next generation PoP solder pastes with these new components.  Lee Smith (Vice President of Business Development at Amkor) had this to say about obtaining parts for testing: 






LS: “We have significant direct and end customer demand for our TMV technology in next generation high density PoP applications.  Amkor has qualified the technology for high volume production and we are now completing customer ramp readiness and SMT validations.

In addition to our customer specific work, we have presented 3 TMV joint project studies on SMT stacking and board level reliability at industry conferences over the past 2 years.  We have demonstrated robust SMT stacking with standard dipping flux, paste and BGA underfill materials.  We plan on offering a 14x14mm daisy chain TMV PoP test vehicle through Practical Components sometime in Q2 2010.  Prior to that we will entertain joint projects with this test vehicle under non-disclosure agreements to validate compatibility with new SMT materials.”









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Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert