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APEX, Halogen Free, RoHS 2 and Other Musings

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  • Folks,

    1. APEX appeared to be a big success. The Las Vegas venue also seemed to be a big hit. Since I'm not a big fan of gambling or smoking (the casinos are not smoke free!) these aspects were a tad disappointing, however it was much more convenient than last year in LA.

    Halogen-free interest did not disappoint. My colleague Tim Jensen attended a standards meeting on the topic and about 80 souls were there. Although session attendance was good (the one I chaired and the one I presented at each had about 50 attendees) 80 might have been as large as any tech session.

    I was interviewed by the iconnect007 folks Re RoHS, RoHS 2, halogen free and lead-free reliability. Check the video out.

    2. The list of the 46 proposed RoHS 2 substances is available. The good news is the EU is asking for input, as in the past. I am probably alone in thinking that the EU will handle the topic cautiously.

    3. Tim Jensen and my workshop on Halogen Free has been tentatively accepted by SMTAI

    4. And finally, Tiger did not win the Masters (2nd place) or the tournament before that (5th place) consistent with my posting a 3 weeks ago. Statistical variation makes it hard to never lose, even when you are the best!

    The photo above is of the Las Vegas "Strip" at night, I found it on Google Images.


    Dr. Ron