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APEX Update


I am here at APEX in sunny (?) LA. Show attendance appears to be high despite the rainy weather. The theme of the show: Lead-free. This should be no surprise as we are now only 16 months away from RoHS compliance.

IPC just launched its lead free inspection standard 610-D. I was teaching my "Best Practices in Lead-Free Assembly" class right after 610-D was released. This document should help us all.

My workshop was well attended (about 45+) and it was one of the best groups I have ever taught. There were many insightful questions. I don't think I have every had so many questions on WEEE and RoHS compliance.

There is still a little confusion evident at the show Re "drop in" solder replacements. All major industry orgainzations (IPC, SMTA, NEMI) and major solder companies agree that the tin silver copper (SAC) alloy will be the mainstream lead-free alloy for many reasons. SAC is not a drop in relpacement for tin-lead solder.

Well, I need to head out into the rain to rejoin the show.....

Dr. Ron