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Apple iPad Video Pulls Some Wrong B2B Marcom Levers

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  • We BtoB Marcom practitioners keep a keen eye out for anything related to business communications. So, Apple's much-awaited release of their iPad (today) had plenty to offer.

    I just viewed the Apple iPad promo video and was shocked at, in my opinion, what I believe are a handful of wrong marketing communications moves, including:

    #1: Featuring a testimonial from an overly excited guy (he calms down eventually) spouting incredible (to him) superlatives. PS: He works for Apple, as do all the people in the video.

    #2: Relying on awesome-sounding features that are old news. For example, the excited spokesperson attempts to blow us away with these state-of-the-art items:
    • "You see something, you just reach out and ... tap it!" You mean like we did with our 1st-generation iPhone, years ago? PS: Apple - we're on the 3rd-gen of the iPhone at this time.
    • "With a screen this large, you can just see MORE of the web." Funny, the monitor I'm using now is 17", and my netbook sports a 10.1". The iPad's screen is 9.7". I can see MORE of the web right where I am, thank you.
    • "Take the New York Times, you can see ALL the top stories." Where CAN'T we see all the top stories on the New York Times?

    These pseudo-claims cheapen the really good claims that are made elsewhere in the video.

    My take-away is, when it's YOUR product, you want to be pumped about it. But, your customers are trained to be very measured, deliberate, and careful - especially in the business to business environment. It's literally THEIR JOB to evaluate you critically. Even if your product IS exceptional, you scare them when you get caught stretching the truth, exaggerating, and puffing. Then, they start doubting ALL your claims.

    B2B Marcom people: temper your enthusiasm and excitement by seeing the product through your customers' eyes. Focus on benefits (I shouldn't have to remind you to make them actually REAL), and on the customers' needs and desires. Then, make your pitch in a way that resonates with (not scares) your target audience.

    PS: Where is the iPad camera? Come on!