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Application Engineering

Part of having a hobby is to learn as much as you can about that area of interest. Most hobbies have a ‘glass ceiling’ when you discover you are at the point where your research just isn’t yielding the answers you want. At that point you have a chance to learn about things no one has explored yet.

One of my hobbies is also my job. Unlike most hobbies – here at Indium we have access to all types of the latest soldering materials. Spheres, fluxes, epoxies, equipment, paste, and components are all available. Don’t get me wrong, every test I do here has a defined purpose, but I am free to uncover the answers that my customers are looking for (sometimes before they even ask).

Hopefully this blog can be a place where I can share some of these experiences and gain insight from you as to where future efforts should be directed. Let me know what interests you, because that’s what is important to me!

Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert