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Applying Solder Preforms – Regional Tech Support On Site

One of the best parts of working with Indium Corporation is the application assistance you will get as a customer. Most people wouldn’t think much help is needed melting a little piece of metal. But, by helping to optimize a production line or thermally profile a reflow oven, we can help and add value.

We especially like to be involved when you are evaluating a new material. During your evaluation, an on-site Tech Service engineer can help plan a D.O.E., suggest optimal equipment settings, or even audit your process. All you need to do is ask!

Our very own Eric Bastow had this to say about the advantages of having Indium Corporation’s Technical Service on site:

“Unlike PCB assembly applications (where all the basic assembly processes, equipment, and issues are fundamentally universal), solder preform applications, along with their respective assembly process, equipment, and challenges, are much more diverse and often vary significantly from customer to customer. Trying to communicate all those nuances over the telephone or via e-mail can be very difficult. For a technical support engineer to try to assist a customer without a thorough understanding of the entire scenario puts the technical support engineer at an extreme disadvantage in helping a customer select, evaluate, implement, and address challenges with the best preform product for the customer’s application.

"So, with all this said, for the technical support engineer to be on the customer’s production floor, face to face with the customer’s engineers and operators, with hands-on exposure to the application, assembly process, and equipment, is 'Priceless', (to quote a major credit card commercial). Furthermore, this sort of technical support is available to the customer free of charge….no consulting fees, etc. And, if intellectual property is a concern for the customer, we are very willing to enter into a mutual non-disclosure agreement before the visit - to protect all parties involved. ITAR concerns can be allayed by providing the customer with proof of citizenship of the technical support engineer. The whole premise of having on-site technical support is a quintessential 'win-win' and 'no-brainer'.”

Contact Eric for technical support on your project.

*This post is part of the World of Solder Preforms series

Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert