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Are Netbooks Prepared for Thermal Issues Considering their Small Formfactor?

  • Indium Corporation

  • With a sigh of relief, Christmas is over. The gift-giving anticipation is no more and I have walked away with a new tech gadget on my wish list. This was one that my sister received and I think is just great. It was a netbook. There are many types available, but these minimalist, inexpensive, tiny computers pack a lot into a small formfactor and for any function they lack, you can always plug in an external version as needed.

    The netbook she received was adorable. The moment I saw it, I wanted to tear it down (but she was unwilling to let me). I couldn't imagine how so much functionality including wireless connectivity, internet access, a webcam, ample storage space, and a card reader could be packed into such a small space without a thermal problem.
    Talk about a potential cooling nightmare! In one tear-down website, it was made clear that spacing is tight, so the manufacturer opted for a fan, but not much else. I'll be interested to see in the coming months whether a thermal issue in these netbooks arises. Have any of you had any problems with yours? I might have the thermal solution.