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Award-Winning Exhibit Design II

  • Indium Corporation

  • We recently updated you on an exhibit design award that team Indium received in Malaysia. I am proud to report that a very similar story has just occurred.

    This time INDIUM CORPORATION received the BEST EXHIBIT DESIGN AWARD at Globaltronics, in Singapore.

    Indium commits to a specific theme (in this case a design theme) and runs it hard until it is almost tired (in our eyes). We figure that we tire of it before the customers do since we see it much more frequently than they do. Since our current exhibit design is relatively new, we have been repeating it everywhere in the world. This design (modified slightly for every exhibition) has won two awards in a row in the southeast Asia region (making our SE Asia regional sales manager quite pleased! Look at her beaming up there.).

    Most of our shows do NOT bestow awards on exhibits - so this is a rare and much-appreciated situation.

    Like every Indium Marcom endeavor, this exhibit was a group effort. I am very proud of everyone on our team - they work hard, take things seriously, and play to win. And they win!