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B2B Marcom Benchmarking

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  • Recently Anita and I traveled to the North American headquarters of CIBA Specialty Chemicals Corporation to present at their lunch hour Marketing seminar series.

    Indium's Marcom program/efforts/stories served as a "case study" for the CIBA Marketing team to consider and question.

    Our host, Gary Fairley, CIBA's Marketing Director for Polymer Products in the Plastics Additives Segment, and I met at an ISBM meeting where I interviewed him regarding Marcom. We struck it off and began sharing ideas and information.

    The CIBA team were great (big THANKS to Gary's Marketing Associate, Christina). We expect them to visit our Marcom team soon for more benchmarking and idea swapping. When we were on the "delivering end" we learned a lot. We can't wait for the CIBA team to visit us.

    Consider teaming up with counterparts in different companies and industries. It's a great way to learn.