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B2B Marcom Challenge: Product NOT Sexy

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  • Think YOUR product isn't sexy???

    Try differentiating a toilet seat. These people did

    According to a Marketing Profs newsletter, "By playing with a naughty, yet not stomach-turning, use of public restrooms, CWS demonstrates its product in an amusing way that has now reached a million views on YouTube. And that's Marketing Inspiration." 1,037,778 including my viewing.

    That's big for a toilet seat. Reminds me of another mundane household fixture, the blender. Blendtec doesn't think their product is boring either. 1,619,827 with my latest viewing.

    If your industrial B2B product seems hard to differentiate, maybe the problem is your creativity and inspiration. Get a little out of the box and maybe you'll create some magic.

    Source: Marleting Profs: Get To The Po!nt Newsletter: Potty All Night Long