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B2B Marcom Forecast: Mobile Devices

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  • I generally disdain the annual trotting out of talking heads' pontifications on industry trends. #Boring! But there is one trend that all B2B Marcom practitioners ought to get hip to. Here I go becoming one of those boring guys I don't usually appreciate!

    One critical trend in 2011 B2B lead gen will be the accelerated use of mobile devices. This is no "bleeding edge" , out on a limb prediction. This trend is about to explode in our faces!

    Customers are increasingly equipped with smart phones, netbooks, and pads. 

    For "experienced" users, contracts expire, old phones get recycled, and the only available phones are getting "smarter" (read: equipped for mobile lifestyle). They're being forced into the mobile world.

    For younger users, well, they are starting out in a mobile world. A recent survey by Opera Software reveals that 18-27-year olds browse the web more on their mobile devices than they do on traditional computers. This trend is global.

    According to Comscore"Access to Facebook via mobile browser grew 112 percent in the past year, while Twitter experienced a 347-percent jump." (January 2010). This portends the access of increasingly-"business" apps on mobile devices as a customary behavior. Additionally, it further enables and encourages the 24/7 nature of access and engagement.

    As our familiarity and skill with mobile devices ramps up, and as both the personal and the B2C worlds introduce us to the practices and benefits of a mobile lifestyle, we all will naturally expect and appreciate more B2B mobile experiences. Expect to soon hear customers COMPLAINING that an exhibit or a print ad DOESN'T contain a QR tag

    B2B Marcom practitioners are well-advised to get on this trend and be one of the "first to market" in your space. That's one way to capture increased share.