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B2B Marcom in Social Media ... or ... Social Media in B2B Marcom

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  • A few of my colleagues and I have been kicking around social media tools and how they relate to our business to business marcom endeavors.

    We were listing the social networking sites that we belong to or are considering, including sites that aggregate such sites - and then wondering how it all might work together ... and even help our B2B efforts.

    During my research I encountered a very interesting tool, the CONVERSATION PRISM. Based on work previously done by  Robert Scoble and Darren Barefoot, this tool relates online social media tools and other online conversation platforms. The men who pulled this together are Brian Solis and Jesse Thomas. People are commenting on it on Brian's blog and on his Flickr site.

    It can't be perfect, and the evolution of tools and activities on the internet will quickly require that this graphic be updated. That said, this is excellent work - something that prompts some serious thinking and encourages exploration - fueling creativity.


    UPDATE: More info on the Conversation Prism on WikiSpaces.