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B2B Marcom Must "Plan To Sell"

  • B2B Marcom

  • B2B Marcom involves a lot of projects.

    We're always working on an event that needs literature, or a conference that requires a presentation and some collateral material, or an exhibition that requires a trade show booth, graphics, and more. All of these items become their own projects (getting the three posters in the same format, the same size, and installed in the exhibit; or making sure the PowerPoint presentation matches the accompanying printed technical paper). Pretty soon, completing the project means completing the job.

    When we think and act this way, we end up having no “plan to sell”. In the worst case we can end up with no thought at all as to what we will do afterour target audience sees our project. In other words, it can become all about the project and not about the process. That's wrong.

    We are here to advance our business, to sell our products and/or services - to complete the process. Therefore, we must always "plan to sell" by developing a complete series of projects that take us right through the process to the end - to the sale.