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B2B Marketing Communications (Marcom) Needs New Job Descriptions

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  • An analogy. Follow me on this one.
    Sod House
    This Saskatchewan sod house was built in 1907 with the tools and technology of the day – for that region. The people did what they could with what they had. 

    While they may have wished for enhanced materials and tools, what they were focused on is shelter, safety, and security. Their goal was NOT to wield tools, it was to survive, cook, sleep, and recharge so they could tackle another day. You can bet each person had a role to play and a set of duties to perform. Each function carefully addressed the situation.

    MansionHere is another example of a residence. This time it exists in modern times, was designed with modern technologies, built with modern tools - to address a modern goal.

    The people who live here are no doubt focused on issues far beyond survival. They are concerned with making the proper impression, hosting appropriately-sized and -appointed parties. 

    The roles the residents play in this situation are not at all like the roles we imagine for the sod house.

    Two homes, two goals, two situations, two very different sets of duties. It is preposterous to imagine living a 1907 sod house lifestyle in a modern mansion. The "organizational design" and "job descriptions" are wildly different.

    So, ask yourself this ... are your 2011 B2B Marcom job descriptions a lot like traditional 1965 job descriptions, or are they uniquely suited to modern conditions?

    Do you have only the traditional "Marcom Manager", "Product Line Manager", "Communications Specialist", etc? Or, do you have titles like "Owner Of The Space", "Industry Go To Girl", "Process Rock Star", "Content Curator", etc?

    Sounds crazy, right? Not as crazy as designating a 2011 mansion dweller as the "shepherd", "plowboy", and "water girl". 

    No, you wouldn't be average with these job titles in your 2011 B2B Marcom department, but ... are you paid to be, and achieve, "average"?

    COMMENT and tell me the titles we need today.

    Sod House Image

    Mansion Image