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Bald Heads as a B2B Marcom Medium?

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  • Can you imagine me on an EMS007 video, or walking the halls of SMTAI wearing this tattoo?

    According to an e-newsletter that I just received from

    Kiwi-Flavored Tattoos 
    Billboards, magazines, television-there's no shortage of advertising options in the marketing toolkit. But what about bald heads? Air New Zealand is launching an innovative new campaign. It will hold a casting call to select 30 adults (18+) to serve as walking billboards for 10 days. The selected billboards will have their heads shaved and branded with a temporary henna tattoo. The tattoo will be visible for approximately 10 days (with one reapplication after five days) and read "Need a change? Head down to New Zealand.". The message reflects Air New Zealand's current "Depart a Californian. Return a Kiwi." advertising campaign communicating the potential for a life-change.

    As a "bald head", I'm not so sure that this would work in our B2B Marcom advertising arena.

    What do you think?