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Be A Reference Standard Brand

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  • An article in Guitar Jam Daily reveals that there was an apparently incredible lapse of security at Frankfurt Germany's Musikmesse exhibition this month - leading to several bold and damaging thefts. If you were responsible for the show, you certainly wouldn't enjoy the media coverage of your unprofessional performance, nor of the harm you caused your customers. You would also likely cringe when you read the part where the journalist wrote, "Any manufacturer who had equipment stolen during the event is invited to let us know (, as we plan to stay on top of this issue". You would, deservedly, suffer the long-term damage done to your brand.

    Here's my MAIN POINT. When you read the article, you may note something quite interesting. Musikmesse's North American counterpart, NAMM, is frequently cited as the exhibition that does it right. I found a reference to NAMM 5 times! NAMM has earned the position of "reference standard" brand in the music exhibition industry.

    By diligently doing their job properly (even when exhibitors chafe at all the tight security that forces them to register, display their badges, send all shipments through a central receiving/shipping area, etc. - admit it, we've all whined about this at one time or another), NAMM has cultivated a stellar brand within its target market.

    Bottom line: know what to do, then do it diligently, caringly, intelligently - constantly. Cream rises to the top, and maybe you will become the reference standard brand in your industry.