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  • Bucket Man is probably my favorite drummer of all time. He puts on a great show, he’s a down-to-earth guy, and he uses what he has around him to create awesome drum beats. While it is nice to have the newest equipment, amazing things can be done with what you already have around the office, shop, and lab.

    I can’t drum like Bucket Man, but I do realize the power of using accessible items to save time and add value. Transparent tape and box-cutter refills are 2 of my favorite office supplies for laboratory improvision. Tape can be used to hold things in place, even during some reflow profiles. Razor blades and tape combine to form a flux tray and doctor blade for component dipping when you need one in a pinch. When you’re prototyping a new assembly process, keep in mind that you can use tricks like this while you are waiting for some long lead-time machined parts to arrive.

    Thank you for the inspiration Bucket Man!