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Be REAL About Your B2B Marcom Resources

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  • As B2B Marketing Communications practitioners, we've all read the articles and books, viewed the webcasts, and attended the seminars and conferences. We've heard the amazing leading-edge tales of awesomeness. But, where do they leave us real-world technicians? We can't implement all the advice and recommendations. We don't have the resources, the staff, the money, the knowledge, or the time.

    (Image: before you take advice from a talking head, be sure you have the resources to properly implement it.)

    People like us need to make a realistic assessment of our resources and assets, and act accordingly. To do so, start making lists of your:

    • corporate style
    • individual (content generator) styles - your DNA
    • your content generators' goals
    • your content: existing and accessible
    • time
    • support
    • technology
    • your network of friends, advisors, consultants, contractors, etc.
    • online platforms that make sense to your target audience
    • your team's media savvy
    • etc.


    We can only be as good as our tools. And we've got to make a realistic assessment of our tools as an early step (after writing down our goal).

    Let me know how this works for you.