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Behind B2B Searches: Tips On How To Be Above Average

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    What is the #2 thing people now do online (second only to emailing)?


    Why has the use of search engines jumped 69% since 2002? According to a recent Pew Internet & American Life Project research project on search engine use:

    "One likely reason is that users can now expect to find a high-performing, site-specific
    search engine on just about every content-rich website that is worth its salt. With a
    growing mass of web content from blogs, news sites, image and video archives, personal
    websites, and more, internet users have an option to turn not only to the major search
    engines, but also to search engines on individual sites, as vehicles to reach the
    information they are looking for."

    So - people are now accustomed to (and expecting) web sites that are "high-performance", that have site-specific search capabilities and other ways to access detailed information, and that deliver rich results to other search engines.

    Read the report, then see if your B2B website is the kind that your target audience is finding in their searches.