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Big Changes Ahead in PCs?

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  • Folks,

    I was in the Dartmouth College computer store in 2004 or 2005 and I saw a signed that proclaimed: “After July 1st computer services will no longer support Apple Macintosh.”

    By 2008, however, I noticed more and more of my students using Macs. This trend was important to me as I use Minitab® software in two of my classes. Newer versions of Minitab only support Windows.

    This year, so many of my students use Macs, that I have to hold the classes in which I teach Minitab in the engineering department’s computer lab, as I want the students to follow me on a computer.

    I was recently told that 75% of the incoming freshman at Dartmouth will be using Macs. All of this in spite of Macs significantly greater cost over a Windows based PC.

    Since the students at our colleges and universities will be tomorrow’s leaders, this may portend big changes ahead in computing.


    Dr. Ron