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  • If (and I quote), "Your Blog contains proprietary information such as the strategic plan,confidential communications from the legal department, proprietary tradesecrets, information from the operations manual, and training materials,among other confidential information."

    And if "Your operation of this web log and disclosure of proprietary information isan infringement upon DAI's Federal and Common law trademark rights and inviolation of your Franchise Agreement."

    Then, "You are hereby officially put onnotice that you are infringing upon DAI's rights, and DAI demands that youimmediately cease and desist from operating this web log, that includesproprietary and confidential information."

    Getting a bad feeling? Imagine how Egil is feeling right about now! Egil's Subway blog was reportedly brought down by this cease and desist order.

    Would a corporate blogging policy have helped Egil? Subway? Can't say.

    Looking at IBM's blogging policy and guidelines gives me the feeling that such guidance can help avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble. I love this excerpt, "The core principles -- written by IBM bloggers over a period of ten days using an internal wiki -- are designed to guide IBMers as they figure out what they're going to blog about so they don't end up like certain notable ex-employees of certain notable other companies." Nicely put. I get it.

    Two words: Blogging Policy.

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