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  • It seems that every blogger has a blogroll - a list of links to recommended blogs. I offer a blogroll, too (in my right-hand column).

    This week I noticed two blogrolls that are very, very valuable to B2B Marcom people. Here goes:

    The Biz of Knowledge
    (full disclosure: I am included in the list of suggested bloggers)
    This list was created with the goal of helping existing and potential bloggers by referring them to other bloggers who are active and successful. You will be connected to insightful uber-famous A-listers (like Shel Israel) as well as to those that are toiling in anonymity (like me). Specialties like community, profitability, blog mechanics, and strategy are all covered by the members of this blogroll.

    Edelman - Speak Up
    This list of bloggers/blogs is built from Edelman employee activity. Their expertise, skill, capabilities, and ability to get right to the heart of the matter is impressive.

    Both lists are impressive as they provide a huge range of styles, attitudes, and fields of expertise. They offer so much info that I am guessing I've tapped into only 5% of what is available.

    I'm sharing this because, if you are trying to advance your B2B Marcom practice, you simply must learn from the leaders. The leaders learn from each other - we should, too. Not everything will be suitable for your needs. Some of the info/advice may even be wrong (caveat emptor). But a huge amount of the info in these blogs is absolutely powerful. I gain so much insight, inspiration, knowledge, and confidence by reading these brief postings. I really love it when I get ahold of something that wasn't even on my radar screen.

    Hope this helps. Let me know.