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BLOGS: Business's Most Valuable Marketing Tool?

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  • "Believe it or not, a blog need not be minute-by-minute updates of mindless self-centered blather. Or pompous political posturing. Or miles and miles of teenage angst. A blog can be a business's most valuable marketing tool." This is according to an interesting article, written by Leigh Allen, appearing in the Dayton Daily News

    Leigh wrote this in an article regarding David Esrati of The Next Wave advertising agency of Dayton, and author ofblogosopher , a blog on blogging - and on a blogging seminar.

    I've said words to the same effect many, many times when explaining how a blog is just a unique form of journalism (like many others) that can be used to address numerous (business) goals.

    Not sure if a blog is the MOST valuable Marketing tool, but, as I said in a recent ISBM webinar, it is ONE of the many Marketing tools available to us all.