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Can You See The Real Mii?

  • Indium Corporation

  • I posted on the WOM strength of the hot Nintendo Wii over the summer. It soon became this Christmas' hottest "must-have" game. Luckily, my wife was watching the Wii and we scored one in October. By noon on Christmas day the family was firing it up and playing games.

    One of the surprises of the Wii is the great fun we are having making Miis. A Mii is a customized Wii character that you can create (from a huge selection of features). Of course, we all tried to make a Mii that looks just like us. We spent HOURS laughing while making them for ourselves and our friends. How did I do with mine?

    A product that has such outstanding features (in this case, fun above and beyond the basic product) can only garner tremendous word of mouth marketing. I am wondering how I can do this with Indium Corporation's B2B products and services. Any ideas?