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  • Most of you are aware of my great concern for those "poor little rich girls" who can't seem to stay out of trouble. That's right! I have a soft spot in my heart for Paris, Nicole, Lindsay, and Britney (see previous post on her).

    It's nothing personal, mind you. No, it's more of a Marcom thing. You see, I can't help but feel sorry for whoever is in charge of these "products", and who is responsible for communicating on their behalf to the customers.

    For a while I was keeping up with all the antics and shenanigans. Eventually, with increasing reports of one crazy thing after another (babies on laps while driving, fender benders, wrong way on one-way streets, DUIs, pregnancies, XXX imagery, house arrests, and more), I just couldn't keep up. So I enlisted the help of my Marcom team here at Indium. You guessed it! Eventually the whole team couldn't stay abreast of the goings-on.

    So, we developed this spreadsheet to help us keep it all straight. I am interested in just how all of the strange events affects their marketability, popularity, and (eventually) in their "Marcomability" – the difficulty in which their Marcom Manager might have in making the "product" look good. I have added a Marcom Trend index to the table, indicating my opinion as to how hard it might be to represent the celebutante.

    I hope the table helps you, and I hope that, when you catch wind of something meaningful, you'll notify me so I can update the data.