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CHANGE: Keep Growing Your B2B Marcom Strengths

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  • Ultimately, our business-to-business marcom skills, capabilities, execution, and growth boil down to people. When we're vibrant, progressive, and in tune, we rock!  When we're complacent, bloated, lazy, and unimaginative, we fall to the middle, or back, of the pack. Remember, we don't get paid to be average!

    Travis Stanton gets it! He is the editor of EXHIBITOR MAGAZINE, a publication that EVERY B2B  Marcom professional reads, or ignores at their own peril. The message in his editorial (November 2011) is critical for us all to internalize: Invest in fresh, bright talent - then let them change you for the better.

    What I  love most about Travis' position, and message, is that he calls himself out on certain weaknesses, and takes action to address them. I  love it when he says, "All you need to do is follow my initially clumsy lead and be truly open to new ideas and fresh perspectives." EXCELLENT! Admitting that you need to change, accepting that your transitions will not be smooth and perfect is the first step. Accepting, embracing, and dealing with the issues follows. At Indium Corporation we always talk about "failing forward" - same idea.

    It is scary revealing our failures, weaknesses, past errors, confusion, uncertainties, fears, and thoughts to others. But, if we are not open with ourselves, and our marcom team, we can only hope to blend in with every other weak competitor we know. And we will be doomed to become a follower. To me, THAT  is scary!

    Honesty, bravery, self-confidence, self-respect, and wisdom are necessary to be comfortable following Travis' advice. The good news is that you don't need to score a 100%  in each of these categories to launch. You just need to have enough - and a plan to get more.

    When Travis' editorial is published online I will make the link here. Meanwhile, subscribe to EXHIBITOR  MAGAZINE and learn.