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China Net Users: "Fool's Gold"?

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    "There are significant differences in how Chinese Internet users behave online. The large number of users who surf from Internet cafes, for instance, are often subjected to monitoring and filtering which does not exist in the US for the average consumer.

    "Combined with the disparity in per capita income, differences such as this dim the luster of the Chinese Internet audience no matter how big it is," says Mr. Belcher. "Savvy marketers should be careful to find the gems - while avoiding the fool's gold."

    This careful attitude is always recommended, and it is likely to be especially worthy for consumer business concerns. However, I feel that for anyone with an eye on B2B Marcom, this warning should be taken with a grain of salt. In other words, the B2B arena is full of "gems".

    I have personally met with numerous Chinese B2B consumers in China. They rely heavily on the internet for data, information, technical articles, links to people & organizations, etc. They use this information to further their concerns, to do business. In my opinion, if you're not relying heavily on the internet, and on cell phone technology, in your China B2B program, you're the fool.