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SMTAi Exhibitors Collaborate to Showcase Products

If you think there is nothing new at SMTAi, you may want to take another look. Live@SMTAi is a NEW event that takes place on the show floor at SMTAi. This event provides an opportunity for Indium Corporation and industry partners to jointly showcase their products so that customers can see both equipment and materials in a live environment.

The SMTAi (Surface Mount Technology Association International) Conference and Exhibition takes place on October 14th – 18th, in Rosemont, Illinois. This event is renown in the industry for sharing the latest in technology innovations and research. Live@SMTAi provides industry partners with the opportunity to use Indium Corporation’s products on their equipment to showcase both the machine’s operational performance and the products’ reliability.

How does this benefit exhibitors?

  • No cost to run materials in their equipment on the show floor
  • Access to a full line of products to use as demos, including solder paste, fluxes, solder preforms, solder spheres, and solder wire
  • Multiple branding opportunities before and after the show with promotions via PR and social media and at Indium Corporation’s booth
  • Future partnership opportunities and support from our seasoned Technical Support team

Indium Corporation wants to partner with you! If you are exhibiting at SMTAi and you want to showcase your equipment to its best advantage, please contact me at

Hope to see you there!

Miloš Lazić