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Come See Us at TestConX

  • Heat-Spring®
  • Thermal Interface Materials

  • I am very excited to be traveling to Mesa, Arizona next week for the TestConX (formerly BiTS) show on March 3-6. I will be traveling with two of my colleagues–Ron Hunadi, Global Accounts Manager and Dave Saums (founder/principal of DS&A LLC, a business partner of Indium Corporation).

    Indium will be featuring our metal thermal interface materials for burn-in and test, including our HSK patterned Heat-Spring® and HSMF-OS materials. These products have received a lot of interest in this market in past shows. The Heat-Spring® in the HSK pattern can have a thin layer of aluminum, which will prevent the indium from sticking to the device under test. And because of the thinness of the aluminum, it has minimal impact on the thermal conductivity of the indium.

    The multi-layer construction HSMF-OS has a total thickness of 0.004” and is designed for multiple insertions. It has an aluminum layer that acts as an interface with the device being tested.

    If you are attending the show, you will not want to miss Dave Saums’ presentation “Design of a Four-Phase Mechanical Cycling Reliability Test Program and Evaluation Results for TIMs Designed for Semiconductor”. Yes, it’s a long name, but I think you’ll find the topic very interesting and the data compelling

    If you are interested in either the Heat-Spring® or the HSMF-OS, contact us at