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Crisis management II

  • B2B Marcom

  • The Marcom people at Earthbound Farms/Natural Selection Foods seem to have done a very good job at managing their unfortunate situation (see previous post - 3 posts back). The furor is all but silent only a short few weeks after the event.

    I am very interested in their website strategy. They put the crisis info front and center, in red. In it they take great care to address the issues using clinically sterile language. Very carefully worded. The balance of the page is business as usual.

    We see the same precision in their recall. In the recall they are quite thorough, yet succinct, in dealing with all the issues.

    This is a good example of how to maintain the daily goings on AND address a crisis situation. Nicely done. B2B andB2C Marcom people should take a lesson here.