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  • According to CNN's website , "Natural Selection Foods LLC recalled its packaged spinach throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico as a precaution after federal health officials said some of those hospitalized reported eating brands of prepackaged spinach distributed by the company."

    For Natural Selection Foods, LLC (NSF), this is an unadulterated media crisis (not to mention the human/health implications). All Marcom professionals, not just us B2B people, are watching with great interest.

    Personally, I am interested in how NSF will manage this crisis in their B2B arena. In other words, how they will support and retain their business customers (the companies who hire NSF to private label for them)? Companies such as Dole are included in the mix. Dole seems to have done a good job of stepping forward. They spoke openly about the issue, supported the voluntary recall, and gave instructions to their customers as to what they might consider doing next. Interestingly, Dole wisely and smoothly distanced themselves from NSF by using terms such as,"Dole has no ownership or other economic interest in Natural Selection Foods." and "The Natural Selection Foods recall and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) statement do not impact any Dole products other than ...".

    Other business customers of NSF (and its parent company, Earthbound Farms) are listed in a press release posted on the Earthbound Farms website. I would love to know how NSF and EBFarms are managing their B2Brelationships - and will continue exploring their B2B Marcom activities where possible.