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Dioxin Scare Could Speed Halogen-Free Movement

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  • In a CNN article today, it is reported that Ireland found "alarmingly high levels of dioxins" in their pork. Dioxins are a known carcinogen. One source of dioxin formation is the incineration certain halogenated printed circuit boards. This is the primary reason electronics companies are targeting halogen-free for their products.

    I am willing to bet that NGO's (such as Greenpeace) will use this report as further ammunition as they push the electronics industry to eliminate using halogens such as Cl and Br. When the general media starts reporting on halogens and dioxins and increases the public awareness, it becomes difficult for electronics companies not to eliminate the halogens even if the halogenated compounds they are using are not capable of forming dioxin during incineration. Therefore, the more the public becomes aware of dioxins and how they relate to halogens, the more quickly our industry will need to seek to eliminate them.