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Distinguish Yourself Using B2B Marcom: The Purple Bag Story

  • Indium Corporation

  • I walked into my office and there it was: a purple bag. THE purple bag!

    I knew exactly what it was - and it brought a smile to my face. In fact, it caused me to put down the things I had in my hands and pick it up to examine its eagerly-awaited contents.

    We have several vendors here at The Indium Corporation. They're all important to us, but many simply blend in. Their invoices look the same, their packaging looks the same. Heck, even their sales people look and act the same. Blending in, being average, can be beneficial at times, but being unique, being recognized, and standing out can also offer tremendous advantages - especially if you're good.

    Bottom line: be good, be iconic. Stand out and be recognized. Step away from the pack. Be the purple bag.