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  • Pictured here is an FP-3082R turbocharger that is used on a Mitsubishi Eclipse.  In very general terms – a turbocharger helps small engines create the same amount of power as (or more than) a larger engine.  When correctly designed and applied, a turbocharged engine can be very efficient.






    Although I don’t design flux, I notice the paradox that is involved with creating powerful halogen-free fluxes.  The halogens in fluxes made them more active, but now flux designers need to find other ways to formulate strong fluxes.  The new activators compensate for halogens in the way a turbocharger compensates for engine displacement.  Halogen-free fluxes can be as powerful as traditional halogen based fluxes, and they will probably obsolete many halogen containing fluxes in the future.