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Donuts and Solder Preforms – Seriously?

I just can’t get enough of a good thing. My last post mentioned donuts – one of my favorite treats.  Allow me to continue reveling in the chewy sweet delight.

On Saturdays the kids like to be taken for donuts; it usually doesn’t take much convincing.  But, it’s not without a bit of drama. Once we arrive, they struggle with ordering:  “I want a chocolate-glazed donut . . . no . . .  a glazed chocolate donut  . . .  no .  .  . a donut with chocolate frosting.”  You get the picture.  It’s hard to order a donut!  Ultimately, the process descends into a flock of fingers jabbing at the glass, with voices directing, “I want that one.” The server is guided across the rack, “Up . . . no  . . . Down one  . . . a little left  . . . That one!”  It’s inexact, to say the least, and a bit chaotic when we’re particularly hungry.

It’s similar when Indium Corporation customers order  solder preforms. I know, this feels like a bit of a jump to electronics assembly readers, but, follow me.

According to AMI, solder preforms are:

“Special solder forms or configurations, frequently supplied as stamped washers, spheres or formed wire, that generally contain a predetermined alloy and a flux core or coating.”

Cue the Drama

Look out! Unfortunately, a uniform nomenclature for calling out solder preforms does not exist throughout the world.  Obviously, these products are described in multiple languages. Adding to the confusion, they are also named and specified in multiple market places and applications. Here are a few:

Further adding to the complexity, solder preforms are available in almost every alloy and flux configuration (type and location) you can imagine.  Yes, we have a big challenge.


Before you start pointing your finger at the images on this screen, call or email Indium Corporation and tell us what you need, in your own words. We will speak your language.  We are ready to take action when we hear any of these terms:















Note the last entry . . . solder preform washers are actually called ‘donuts’ or ‘solder donuts’ by some.  You never would guess Indium Corporation had so much in common with one of my favorite treats. Another reason why I love this place!