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Download a Free Copy of the Solder Defects Booklet

  • Solder Defects

  • Folks,

    Chris Nash and I (supported by an army of Indium Corporation’s outstanding engineers) wrote a booklet on eliminating solder defects. The title is The Printed Circuit Assembler's Guide to... ™ Solder Defects. The booklet can be downloaded free here.

    Chris and I and the Indium Corporation team spent many hours thinking about the most common soldering defects in printed circuit assembly and their origins. This effort resulted in detailed discussions on how to eliminate or minimize the following defects:

    • Minimizing Voiding in SMT Assembly
    •  Graping
    • The Head-in-Pillow (HIP) and Non-Wet Opens
    • Tombstoning of Passive Components
    • Solder Paste Insufficients
    • Solder Balling and Beading

    Check out the booklet. I think it will help you a great deal as you face the challenges of eliminating solder defects in your printed circuit assembly processes.

    Dr. Ron