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Dr. Ron and Rick Short Present at AMA Workshop on Blogs

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  • Folks,

    This past Friday, I was asked to give a presentation on my blog by the American Marketing Association at their Boston Blog Workshop. My colleague and blog muse Rick Short was co-presenter.

    I a learned a great deal of technical and "how to" stuff at the event and it appeared that Rick and my pitch was well received. We are considered quite successful "corporate" bloggers with our monthly blog "hit rate."

    I think the biggest area of uncertainty in blogging are the legal aspects. There was a good presentation on this topic also.

    Every one agreed, however, that the best presentation was by Millie Garfield. Her blog is called My Mom's Blog. It contains a chronology of the humorous and heartwarming challenges of being a successful 79 year old. The photo at the right shows her in her blog classic, "I Can't Open It."

    Rick and I were so relieved that we did not have to give our talk right after hers!


    Dr. Ron