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Dr. Ron Gets Second Eagle in Golf in a Year

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  • Folks,

    Lest I seem braggy, one thing must be made clear.  In general I have never been a good athlete.  I can not get my body coordinated enough to make a "layup" in basketball, and  I was never really a good baseball or football player.  I am the most inefficient swimmer on earth, being able to swim only 50 yards, before I poop out (and I'm not in too bad shape).  I'm fair at tennis and racquet ball.

    However, in addition to being quite fit (30 push ups at 61 years old), I can do three sports things relatively well: pull back a strong long bow, throw a frisbee far and play golf relatively well (high 70s to mid 80s most days).

    Last week at the Country Club of New Hampshire, on the par 5 8th hole,  I got my second eagle in less than a year.  Last year I bagged one at Woodstock Country Club's very short par 5 10th hole.  Last week's eagle (a 3 on a par 5) was rewarding in that I hit a  260 yard drive, a 5 wood from 225 yards to 10 feet from the hole and sunk the putt. 

    Someone commented in  Golf Digest about a year a go, that golf was one of the few "egalitarian" sports in that for a short time a so so golfer could outdo a champ.  Maybe any of us could make a put that Tiger misses, or likely out do Phil Mickelson's 9 in the past US Open.  Whereas few of us could survive even a few seconds with Roger Federer (Tennis) or an NBA basketball player.

    But on the 8th hole last week, in my mind at least, a recovered Tiger, Phil and Adam Scott were in my foursome, they all got birdies and I got the lone eagle.  Don't be mean.....let me  dream!

    PS: But my final score was an 80 and I'm sure the rest of my foursome described above would have shot around 65.


    Dr. Ron